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Ability Camp's children's programs are offered in several age groups from a preemie or a child that was born full term and suffered complications such as a brain injury or Cerebral Palsy. These programs range for children who are from 7 months to 14 years of age and we work with children with varying degrees of involvement.

We can help children improve that have difficulty in sitting, standing walking etc. as well as children that may have difficulty with the use of their arms and hands. Some may have severe physical limitations and may not be able to roll or sit while other children may be able walk independently.

Whether your child was a preemie or born full term with complications such as a brain injury or Cerebral Palsy our Conductive Education programs treat this as a learning problem more than a physical disability as it is the brain's control over the muscles that has been affected. We use a combination of teaching methods combined with therapeutic exercises to help teach the brain to communicate with the body more effectively. Although we do work with children that have cognitive delays Children that have the ability to understand and take an active part in the class will get the most enjoyment and usually make the most progress.

Many of the children we work with have seizure disorders and this is not a problem as long as the seizures are reasonably controlled.

To assure a child is appropriate we do an assessment before they are accepted into a program. This can be done in person, or can be done by sending us an application and a video of your child as the majority of families travel from great distances to attend. We do not charge a fee for the assessments in person or by mail we just want to make sure that we will be able to help your child.

Last but not least, mostly what makes your child a good candidate for these programs is a parent’s intuition, who believes their child is capable of accomplishing more than what they are currently doing.